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While the GTE Training Academy of this year will host presentation of some of the best lecturers about a series of tunneling training schemes, for the first time these are going to be available to complete online.

Many of the training courses have been developed in conjunction with industry experts and all are designed to ensure maximum understanding of safety within tunneling and working in confined spaces.

Playing a key role in ensuring the successful completion of tunneling projects, specialised courses in tunneling safety are essential in order to mitigate the risks and ensure the safety of those working in the construction and maintenance of tunnels, including cave-ins, flooding fires, and exposure to hazardous materials. Hence GTE Training Academy delivers these courses throughout the year making them as accessible as possible and ensuring nothing but the very best in training and qualifications.

In order to booking or to finding out more about the wide range of courses available though GTE TA visit their website or if you have any questions, just give a call.

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