Online Tunneling Fundamentals, Practice, and Innovations on Oct. 2021

The Colorado School of Mines Center for Underground Construction & Tunneling will host a four-day course in Oct. 2021 for engineers and industry professionals to address design, construction, and operation/maintenance of today’s underground infrastructure. Attendants who are specialized in underground construction and tunnel engineering (UCTE) have a higher chance of acceptance.
The UCTE Online Graduate Certificate program will cover various topics:
• EPB Soil Conditioning
• Rock Cutting
• Abrasity and Wear
• Shotcrete
• Grouting
• Slurry
The Workshops and labs are intended to address underground infrastructure, primarily in urban areas.
Mike Mooney, Grewcock Chair Professor of Underground Construction & Tunneling and Director of the UCTE graduate program, said, “UCTE is an interdisciplinary mix of structural, geotechnical and construction disciplines from civil engineering, excavation and material handling from mining engineering, and ground/groundwater characterization from geological engineering.”
During this program, a comprehensive overview of “civil engineering, excavation and material handling from mining engineering, and ground and groundwater characterization from geological engineering” will be provided.
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