Lifting equipment short-course started

A new course purposed to educate end-users regarding the risks and responsibilities of lifting operations has been launched by LEEA (the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). The course is aimed at senior managers, company directors and others involved in lifting operations.

The Lifting Equipment End User Guidance course brings insights into general legal responsibilities for lifting equipment end users and owners. Available for both non-members and members (at member rates), either face-to-face or through Zoom, the course comprises:

  • An introduction to the legislative requirements for end users and owners of lifting equipment, covering standards and best practice.
  • Principles for choosing equipment, information to be exchanged between supplier and user, and the various types of thorough examination.
  • The role of those conducting thorough examinations of lifting equipment.

The six-hour course has the target to provide attendees knowledge of the legislative frameworks, standards and best practices applicable to end users and owners of lifting equipment, and how equipment should be managed from procurement through to decommissioning, its thorough examination requirements and record keeping.

LEEA will hold four ‘taster’ sessions of the course during GLAD (Global Lifting Awareness Day) on 8 July 2021, either face-to-face or via Zoom.

Further information is available from

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