Introduction to World Tunnel Congress (WTC) 2023

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The World Tunnel Congress (WTC 2023) will be the guest of the Greek Tunnelling Society Athens from May 12-18, 2023. The Congress is the exclusive annual affair of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA-AITES), which with the participation of over 2,000 professionals, is considered the top-attended tunneling meeting in the world. The WTC will be held in the international conference center MEGARON, which is one of the most acceptable and technologically developed conference platforms in Europe.

The theme of WTC 2023 “Expanding Underground,” intends to concentrate on the Knowledge and Passion – that our industry offers to Make a Positive Impact on the World. WTC 2023 in Athens will be held in hybrid mode and will underline the multiple advantages and solutions that underground space can offer, at the possibility of a whole new era of smart technology, where sophisticated “digital tools” change investigation, design, construction and operation methods and strategies promptly.

The WTC 2023 involves all “hot” topics of the tunneling and underground space industry, whereas a high scientific level will be secured as all papers will be peer-reviewed by highly skilled professionals and academics before publication, coming from all around the world. The total number of members of the scientific committee overreaches 150 meanwhile, all received papers for publication will be made available to an open-access portal through the venue of a highly respected international editor. Accordingly, the research / work / best practice / efforts of the authors partaking in the WTC 2023 will be freely and always available so anyone, anywhere, can read and create upon his / her / them work.

Moreover, the congress will host a great event with plenty of space, where traditionally all significant international companies interested in the tunneling industry participate.

The World Tunnel Congress 2023 program will begin with the training courses of ITA-TECH on May 12-13, 2023. Although, the congress’s essential activities (i.e., scientific program and technical exhibition) will be held between Monday (May 15) and Wednesday (May 17). During the entire WTC 2023 week, all normal annual ITA activities will be organized (i.e., General Assemblies etc.), along with the different meetings of the working groups and ITA’s committees. Lastly, thanks to the building activity that will take place in Athens by 2023, various technical visits will be arranged to provide the representatives with different alternatives to choose from.

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