Concentration of London Power Tunnels Is On BTS June Meeting

Concentration of London Power Tunnels

As part of Package 2 Tunnels and Shafts, the tunneling challenges and successes of 32.5km of tunnel and eight shafts of London Power Tunnels Phase 2 will be presented at the BTS’s June meeting by Mark Farmer from National Grid, Simon Stroud from WSP, and Raj Kundan from HMJV.

In order to rewiring London via underground tunnels, London Power Tunnels is National Grid’s £1bn investment and the challenges on Phase 2 included removing a TBM from a live National Grid site, mobilisation during the Covid pandemic, contamination, historic obstructions, and groundwater conditions.

Additionally, the speakers are going to describe how modern methods of construction drove efficiency, and the project’s use of cement-free concrete, InSAR, artificial intelligence tools, and the trial of automated ring build.

The ICE in Great George St, London SW1P 3AA will host this meeting at 18:00 (BST) on June 20. The link for the live stream will be available on the BTS and ICE websites.

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