Belgium to Host WTC 2027

WTC 2024 Ceremony

The World Tunnel Congress 2027, is due to be held in Belgium, as it was announced at WTC 2024 in Shenzhen on 26 April.

Organization of this event will be up to Belgian Tunnel Association (ABTUS-BVOTS), while it is slated to be held in Antwerp from April 23-29, 2027.

According to Johan Mignon and Bart De Pauw on behalf of ABTUS-BVOTS: “We are extremely excited about the decision to choose Belgium. In 2027, the Oosterweel project, with its various tunnel complexes, will be in full swing, which has certainly been an asset in our candidacy. But there are also numerous examples elsewhere in our country of underground infrastructure that has enabled our region to develop into a prosperous and thriving area over the past decades.”

Also ITA president Arnold Dix said: “I was looking forward to participating in the congress in Antwerp. Belgium’s underground infrastructure is characterized by a blend of historical heritage, modern technology, innovative engineering, and cultural significance. I am confident that this event will make a valuable contribution to furthering underground construction worldwide.”

ABTUS-BVOTS is now seeking sponsors for the 2027 event. For more information, contact

Additionally, from May 9-15 Stockholm will host WTC 2025.

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