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Work on Excavating the H71 Isarco Underpass Lot has been Completed – Renaturation is Currently Taking Place

Isarco River Underpass Project Site

The tunnel excavation work at the construction site of the Isarco River Underpass has been completed. On the outside of the construction site, work is being done on the final linings and the outside part of the construction site is undergoing work as well.

There were two shafts dug in this construction lot, one on either side of the river, each approximately 25 meters deep, in order to use the ground freezing techniques in order to carry out excavations beneath the riverbed in this particular construction lot. For the Isarco River to continue flowing in its original riverbed, the ground had to be frozen, as this would preserve the flora and fauna in the area as a result.

It is estimated that one of the shafts has already been filled and work will continue to be done in order to fill the remaining three.

As part of the ongoing renaturation process, this is set to take place in order to restore the original natural conditions that prevailed in the area where the former construction site was located.

The Director of Proceedings for the BBT SE construction site for the Isarco River Underpass, Alessandro Marottoli, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the works on this lot by stating, in his words: “Due to the peculiar conditions of this valley, it was evident from the excavations at the Isarco River Underpass construction site that compared to the other lots, the excavations were clearly visible. This is the reason why we should pay a lot of attention to bringing the construction site surfaces back to their original state as much as possible as we are now in the final phase of the excavation works”.

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