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Unveiling New Boomer E10 and E20 Drill Rigs by Epiroc

Boomer E20SG Drill Rig

The automated face drilling rigs have reached significant success by progressive technology of new Boomer E10 and E20 and both rigs are available with optional battery-electric driveline for zero-emission tramming.

Due to their small footprint and powerful, multi-purpose BUT 45-booms, the new Boomer E10 and E20 from Epiroc present great flexibility and coverage, while the drill rigs are equipped with automation features that increase operator safety and productivity, and come with an optional battery-electric driveline for reduced environmental impact and healthier underground conditions.

Suitable for both mining and construction

Considering that both drill rigs feature BUT 45-booms with telescopic feed beams, alongside being compact enough for mine development, these powerful booms fit a wide range of applications and can tackle the requirements of heavy-duty construction work with ease.

According to Sami Niiranen, President at Epiroc Underground division: “This is yet another automation break-through for face drilling where Epiroc leads the way to safer and more productive mining and construction operations.”

Safe productivity with outstanding operator assistance features

In order to strengthening productivity and safety for operators, the Boomer E10 and E20 are equpidded with features like teleremote drilling, auto level and setup assist. Allowing operator to work at a safe distance from the face and enabling the drilling process during shift changes, are the advantages of optional teleremote drilling feature.

“Thanks to teleremote drilling the operator can drill a full face from a control room. Naturally, this is a safer workplace. In addition, you can reach up to 25% increased productivity by drilling during shift changes and lunch breaks”, says Camilla Spångberg, Global Product Manager at Epiroc’s Underground division.

Furthermore, both drill rigs provide operators with setup assist. Thanks to the carrier being equipped with an advanced scanner measuring the distance to the walls and face, positioning the rig perfectly in the mine or tunnel becomes an easy task for the operator.

Camilla Spångberg states: “In combination with digital drill plans, setup assist eliminates time-consuming repositioning. It also ensures both productivity and great quality.”

Designed for great operator comfort and safety

Providing low sound levels (<65 dbA) and less vibration for operators, as well as a new panel interface for tramming, are the benefits of the comfortable and safe cabin. Additionally, great visibility and multi-functional joysticks ensure that operators always keep their eyes on task.

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