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TLT-Turbo GmbH a Single-Source Solution

TLT Turbo

Improving first-of-their-kind, fine-tuned, and advancing ventilation systems for road, railway, and metro tunnels, has been done by TLT-Turbo for over fifty years. In order to offer a safer ventilation system with high availability and lower maintenance costs over the total system life cycle, TLT-Turbo’s concentration is on the system as a whole. Experience, engineering, and R&D lead to the highest product quality while our field-proven technology results in high-end customized solutions designed specifically to the operational requirements of your project. Presenting high energy savings leading to lower lifetime operational costs and resulting in lower noise emissions, are the advantages of TLT-Turbo’s ventilation system optimization.

TLT Turbo Fans Inside

A Single-Source Solution

Offering a single-source solution for the design, manufacturing and installation of tunnel and metro ventilation by this company leads to a significant higher degree of safety as ventilation and smoke extraction systems are combined and complemented by intelligent monitoring and control systems. Moreover, optimization for more efficient energy consumption and noise abatement to ensure an ideal environment within the tunnel are the focus of their approach. This holistic approach keeps your initial investment and future operating costs at a minimum.

TLT Turbo Fans

Features of TLT-Turbo’s Tunnel & Metro Ventilation Solutions

  • Reduced Tunnel Ventilation System power consumption
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • Shorter installation and work timelines
  • Simplified order process for EPCs with a single point of contact

Products Range

Smoke Extract Jet Fans
Smoke Extract Tunnel & Metro Fans
Variable Pitch Tunnel & Metro Fans
Service & Maintenance
Construction Fans
Customized Fans

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