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Tideway: Reusing Secondary Lining Equipment for Final 5.5km

Tideway Super Sewer Project Site

In order to reuse them on the eastern 5.5km of the tunnel, a range of machinery and equipment used to create the secondary lining on the central section of the super sewer project, is carried to the intended site.

The Advancement of Tideway on the secondary lining is undergoing well, while the primary tunnel now completes the full 25km of the super sewer.

Although the primary lining had been comprised of precast concrete segments, the concrete for the secondary lining is poured wet in situ, and is required to give the tunnel extra strength in order to provide a smooth surface over which the flows can travel once the tunnel was inaugurated in 2025.

While the secondary lining was ended in the central section in May 2022, the tunneling team at Kirtling Street in Nine Elms has been busy demobilizing shutters, gantries, and other associated equipment ahead of shipment to Chambers Wharf in Bermondsey.

Involving two 40-tonne gantries, some of the equipment is being transported over 7km down river benefiting barges on the Thames instead of lorries on the road.

As an indication of the circular economy on the Tideway project, this represents maximizing the use of plants and material, reducing costs and the carbon footprint of the super sewer.

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