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Suburban Rail Loop East Project – Updates

Suburban Rail Loop Station Design

Being located between Cheltenham and Box Hill, construction of SRL East is currently undergoing and it is due to deliver twin tunnels with 26km length and 6 brand new underground stations and quicker journeys between major hospitals, universities, retail and employment districts.

In order to supercharging its construction site safety, Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) uses the innovative technology that includes trialing of the Blindsight camera system to keep the community and workers safe while work powers ahead at the SRL East site in Clayton.

Following completion of works along Dunstan Street, the Tracy the Treasure Hunter micro TBM is working beneath Clayton Road to move a 630m sewer pipe, as part of the first stage of works to pave the way for major construction.

Due to linking passengers to services on the Cranbourne/Pakenham and Gippsland lines and improving access to medical research facilities and hospitals in the growing health precinct, the Suburban Rail Loop transport super hub at Clayton will be considered as one of the busiest stations on the network.

Reducing train travel times from Cheltenham to Box Hill, easing congestion on the roads, as well as a decreasing trip time among Cheltenham and Clayton to less than 10 minutes, will be SRL’s advantages after its completion.

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