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Starting up CREG’s Double Gripper Hard Rock TBM

CREG Double Gripper Hard Rock TBM

Excavation process of the inclined shaft of the Huiyuan coal mine in Shanxi Province, south-west of Beijing, was commenced using China’s first double gripper hard rock TBM.

The intended shaft with around 5km length and a -6° downhill excavation slope as well as a minimum curve radius of 60m, is digging by means of the TBM Hongyuan, which is 6.03m diameter and has been manufactured by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co Ltd (CREG). It is due to bore through a range of ground conditions, including geological structural belts, goafs, thin coal seams, and limestone. The CREG’s double gripper hard rock TBM has been designed in order to improve safety and efficiency as well as handle regripping and excavation problems in difficult geologies such as fault fracture zone.

Despite the increasing demand for coal in China, improving coal mine capacity is restricted by the excavation efficiency of the mine roadway.

According to CREG: “Using Hongyuan will further enhance China’s mechanization and understanding of coal mine construction, laying a solid foundation for high-quality, safe, and efficient construction.”

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