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Significant Achievement Under Isarco River in Brenner Base Tunnel Project

Brenner Base Tunnel

Following commencement of the excavation work, on 7 April 2022 the last main tunnel beneath the Eisack riverbed for the future railway Brenner Base Tunnel has broken through.

While, the number of bored tunnel sections below the river since 2020 is four, the digging of the tunnel below the Eisack was only possible after the ground was frozen with liquid nitrogen and then – to maintain the low temperatures – kept stable with a saline solution.

Affecting both the linking of the two construction lots under the Eisack and Mules 2-3 as well as the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel in general, this breakthrough is another important step.

Please click here and here for tunnelingworld archive and also for further information visit their website.

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