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Selecting Strata Worldwide as Re-Systems’ Exclusive Distributor for Gel-Tech Polymer Rubber Gel Technology

Using Re-Systems' Gel Tech Polymer Rubber Gel Technology in the Project

Following the conclusion of a contract among RE-Systems Group Americas and Strata Worldwide, they appointed Strata Worldwide as the exclusive distributor of RE-Systems’ innovative Gel-Tech Polymer Rubber Gel waterproofing technology to the global tunneling and underground mining markets.

Presenting designers and contractors the plasticity of multiple application elections, Gel-Tech Polymer Rubber Gel waterproofing systems is a proactive waterproofing membrane that can be spray-applied during construction or injected after construction. Because it does not require curing, with the gel remaining pliable and self-healing throughout its life, there are several end-result possibilities for application – up to and including its use as a component in a composite design, multi-layered structural lining.

In order to prove the benefit of viewing the results of their efforts, over the patented injection process, the gel’s advance can be tracked.

According to RE-Systems’ President and CEO John Huh: “By establishing this relationship with Strata, which focuses every day on technologies for underground, we can exponentially broaden our accessibility to the markets, both from the technical service and the marketing/sales perspectives. We will continue to work collaboratively going forward to bring unique waterproofing solutions to both industries during construction and in rehabilitation phases.”

Mike Rispin, Strata’s VP of Tunneling also said: “We’re excited to bring this technology to the global tunneling industry. It is an innovative tool for contractors and designers alike.”

“Gel-Tech Polymer Rubber Gel complements our array of existing grouting and waterproofing technologies. We now have a comprehensive line of approaches and solutions to underground water challenges,” added Josh Behling, General Manager for Strata Geotech.

Usage of RE-Systems Gel-Tech technologies as successful waterproofing method in substantial underground infrastructure projects is not negligible and as the most remarkable projects we can indicate to CalTrans – Presidio Parkway Tunnels – San Francisco; SFMTA – Central Subway Stations – San Francisco; TTC – Sheppard West Stations – Toronto, Canada; BART-Warm Springs Tunnel – Fremont, California; MBTA – Central Artery – Boston; and OCTranspo LRT Tunnel – Ottawa, Canada. With an extensive history and industry experience, Gel-Tech Polymer Rubber Gel waterproofing systems will continue to innovate and provide effective solutions to help projects and customers succeed.

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