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Remarkable Achievement in North Bristol Relief Sewer

North Bristol relief sewer tunnel

The construction process of a 5.5km tunnel for a new super sewer in Wessex Water project, Bristol has attained a main breakthrough. Following its 19 months’ journey beneath the streets of Bristol, Wessex Water’s TBM in order to build the new sewer while minimizing disruption and environmental impact has driven from Lawrence Weston to Almondsbury.

Supporting the increase of Bristol’s population in future years, the EUR 66 million (GBP 55million) investment is one of the latest sewerage projects Wessex Water has undertaken.

Before reinstating the construction sites back to normal, the coming step is to fit the sewer with E&M equipment.

More details are revealed in video below:

Please click here for tunnelingworld archive and also further information is accessible here and here.

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