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Preparation of Train Drivers for the Metro Tunnel

Metro Tunnel Train Drivers

In order to operate additional train services by the inauguration of the new Metro Tunnel a year ahead of schedule in 2025, over 100 new drivers are now being recruited.

The insurance of operating 65 new and bigger trains, that are going to run through the Metro Tunnel, will be attained by intensive 44-week training of up to 120 new drivers. The training comprises of a mix of classroom, practical and on-the-job training, where the trainee drivers are accompanied by a trainer while operating passenger services.

Presenting extra training to qualified drivers, as with any new infrastructure drivers will allow driving in the new tunnels, while it will include training on the project’s next-generation signaling system and the use of platform screen doors – a Victorian first.

Recruitment for up to 180 operational staff including driver trainers, line and system controllers, signalers and signal maintenance technicians is also underway.

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