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Park and Continue Application at Macunköy Metro Station

New Park at Macunköy Metro Station

In order to decreasing vehicle traffic and direct vehicle users to public transportation vehicles at Macunköy Metro Station, implementing of the second Park and Continue application was done by EGO General Directorate, which brings together alternative transportation projects with the citizens of the Capital to minimize the traffic problem.

Meanwhile by advancing the environmentally friendly transportation projects respectively, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality intents to ease the traffic of the Capital.

Being initiated in 2021 at the National Library Stationby, the second of the Park and Continue application was also launched at Macunköy Metro Station by General Directorate of EGO, which implemented alternative transportation projects to encourage the use of public transportation vehicles throughout the city.

According to the statements of EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş in the inauguration of the Macunköy Park Et Continue Car Park, they have attached importance to providing an environmentally friendly, healthy, economical, comfortable and sustainable public transportation service since the day they took office.

Alkaş said: “Our citizens will use public transportation if they can comfortably access the metro from their home by using their private vehicle and be sure that their vehicle will stay in the parking lot safely, without paying any fee and without any damage to their vehicles until the evening. In other words, this ‘Park and Carry on’ project is also an environmentally friendly project that is in line with our main purpose, encouraging public transportation.”

He continued: “Park and Continue is an application that we provide free of charge to our citizens using public transportation by arranging the parking lots at or near the rail system stations. I would like to emphasize once again that the ‘Park and Continue’ project is a project that reduces vehicle traffic to the city center and encourages users to use public transportation. We made the first application at the National Library Station. We put our 430-vehicle parking garage into the use of our citizens on February 12, 2021. The second is the Macunköy Station parking lot, which we will open today. The parking lot has been completed by the Department of Science Affairs of our Municipality, its capacity has been increased from 450 vehicles to 100 vehicles, and it has been delivered to our General Directorate. The received parking lot has been transformed into a ‘Park and Continue’ parking lot by our General Directorate, and it is finally ready for opening as of today.”

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