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New Photos of Tunnel Świną

Tunnel Świną Construction Site

The construction operation of Tunnel Świną is undergoing both on the island of Usedom and Wolin despite the winter.

The retaining structure, which was used during the startup of the TBM Wyspiarka boring machine, in the starting chamber on the island of Usedom is still being dismantled. The continuous works are the construction of two emergency exits, as well as prefabrication of reinforcement, concreting of supports, and sealing the tubing of the tunnel.

While the elements of the Scrubber Separation Station (STP) system are separated and taken away from the construction site, in the Service Center Building, general construction works are conducted, including thermal insulation of external walls. There are also road works forming slopes, maintenance.

The advancement of dewatering, cleaning, and cleaning works in the receiving chamber are processing and the structure of the ramp and the tunnel made using the ceiling method is sealed. Implementing by temporary traffic organization, road works are also continued on this side.

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