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Nechiphu Tunnel is Anticipated to be Finished by April 2022

Nechiphu tunnel expected to be completed by April 2022

The Nechiphu tunnel’s construction in the West Kameng district is anticipated to be finished by April 2022.

The tunnel which is a 500-meter-long one, being built by the GREF, is part of the BCT highway project. The work began in December 2020, and 400 meters of tunneling have been finished till now.

The complete 500-meter stretch of the tunnel is anticipated to be made ‘through’ within the next month.

Urvish Patel, the site engineer stated: “The breadth of the tunnel is 12 meters and the height is 10 meters. Once completed, this will reduce the distance by 7 kilometers. It will be a double-lane road and will have a drain, waterproofing, and firefighting system.”

The tunnel is going to be operational by the defense forces before April 2022.

Patel added: “However, it will be open for public use only by the end of 2022. This is a very important project.”

The stretch where the tunnel is going to be built in the Neichipu area remains mainly engulfed in dense fog.

When completed, the tunnel is anticipated to provide a safe driving route for the security forces and the public.

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