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May Updates in Świną Tunnel, New Aerial Photo Gallery

Świną Tunnel Construction Site

While in the starting chamber on the island of Usedom, reinforcement of the intermediate floor in the eastern part is undergoing, they are calling enthusiastic to see new photos of the construction of the tunnel under Świną from a bird’s eye view. Also, the assembly and prefabrication of the formwork of the intermediate floor in the western part is advancing.

Additionally, the process of passive freezing, reinforcement of the bottom plate, and the walls of the final casing are in progress in the part of the Świną tunnel hollowed out with the TBM machine, at the EE1 emergency exit, whereas in the emergency exit EE2, the pre-casing has been completed, and the insulation of the structure is also being prepared. At the exit EE2 on the side of section T2, a temporary ramp is installed and the section among the EE1 and EE2 emergency exits has been secured by prefabricated floor elements, and concreting of the slab for the road is underway.

Moreover, while ending and installation works are advancing in the BCO building, on the side of Wolin Island, in the receiving chamber, internal structures are continued and diaphragm walls are sealed. The waterproofing of the structure is also continued in the ramp and tunnel made with the roofing method in segments from R1 to R16. This is also where the sidewalk reinforcements are installed.

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