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London Super Tunnel

NOVA London Super Tunnel

For more than a decade, over 10,000 engineers and construction workers have raced to construct a brand-new subterranean railroad beneath London — the Elizabeth Line — London’s new Underground.

In one of Europe’s greatest engineering projects, the construction teams encounter massive challenges, from constructing platforms and concourses the size of aircraft carriers concealed beneath London’s busiest shopping venue, Oxford Street, to designing, outfitting, and testing a fleet of 70 new high-speed trains from scratch in just two years.

Confronting delays and cost overruns increased by the pandemic, the engineers and technicians compete to build 10 new stations, learn to utilize the new trains, and test out new 13-mile twin tunnels below London.

As the Queen finally will commence the Elizabeth Line on May 24, 2022, NOVA drawing on over 1,500 hours of footage, will deliver intimate peeks at the challenges, setbacks, and ingenious solutions that lead to maximum success.

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