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Line 15 South Welcomes the First Catenary

Line 15 South

Since September, a new step has taken place in the tunnel of the Robespierre structure located in Bagneux. The workers have begun laying the metal supports that are going to house the future catenaries and will enable the electricity to be carried to the trains of the new metro.

The Robespierre structure is the beginning of the works called “catenary railways”. They started in January 2022 by routing a part of the rails of line 15 South in the tunnel of the structure.

Altogether, 16 km of railway tracks were laid from the Robespierre shaft towards the Fort d’Issy – Vanves Clamart stations to the west and Villejuif Louis-Aragon to the east. Companions have been working since September on the catenary supports’ installation, after completing this first stage.

Initiated at the Wells Robespierre, this installation continues to the extent of the Fort d’Issy – Vanves – Clamart station, and is going to be finished by the end of December 2022 to make the way in 2023 for a new phase of work, that of the unwinding of the cables at high tension.

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