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June Updates in Snowy 2.0 Project

Snowy 2.0 Project Power Station

Currently the digging process of 2.2km of the main access tunnel has been implemented by the TBM Lady Eileen Hudson, while 600 m remains to reach the northern end of the power station complex. Following its completion, the TBM is due to be disassembled, extracted, and reassembled at Talbingo. Before commencing Lady Eileen’s next mission to excavate the 6km tailrace tunnel heading east from Talbingo to the power station, the supporting services will also be required to be reassembled and recommissioned.

Additionally, digging around 800 meters of the emergency cable and ventilation tunnel, TBM Kirsten is gaining momentum at Lobs Hole. This tunnel is parallel to the main access tunnel, whereas it crosses the southern end of the Snowy 2.0 power station complex. In order to start uphill excavation for the inclined pressure shaft, at 2.9km, Kirsten will be modified once past the power station.

Locating at Tantangara, TBM Florence is now fully commissioned and has tunneled several hundred meters west to Marica, where it will eventually meet up with TBM Kirsten. Straight alignment and a 0.5% downhill gradient are the features of the headrace tunnel that is beneath the Gooandra plateau. The estimated time period for completion of this 15km tunnel is about 3.5 years.

Please click here for tunnelingworld archive and also for more details on the Snowy 2.0 project please visit their website.

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