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Green Light for Suburban Rail Loop East

Suburban Rail Loop Train

Following Ministerial confirmation of key recommendations made by an independent planning panel, the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East project in Melbourne attained a significant breakthrough.

Receiving over 360 submissions and facing an independent panel hearing from 47 witnesses over 39 days of public hearings, SRL’s Environment Effects Statement (EES) planning process has resulted in enhanced measures and outcomes that will benefit the community during construction and operation.

Due to approving the recommendations of the Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC), the Minister for Environment and Climate Change (as Minister jointly administering the Environment Effects Act) has softened the way for SRL East’s necessary planning approvals.

Locating among Cheltenham and Box Hill, Suburban Rail Loop East is going to deliver 26km of twin tunnels and 6 new underground stations with trains running by 2035 and the time duration of end-to-end travel is just 22 minutes.

As the Minister noticed, due to putting the line underground most operational impacts have been removed and the environmental effects of SRL East have been identified and carefully considered through the EES – the state’s most rigorous planning approvals process.

Considering over than 850 geotechnical investigations, 10,000 lab tests, hundreds of expert studies, extensive stakeholder consultation, and feedback from more than 20,000 people the design advancement of SRL East and the EES is clear.

Commencing date of construction in SRL East with a separate planning approval was in June with initial works in Clayton.

Please click here for tunnelingworld archive and for more details about the project visit this website.

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