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Grand Paris Express Line 17 – Act 1 Completed for the Florence Tunnel Boring Machine

Grand Paris Express TBM Florence

The tunnel boring machine Florence, which left the Flandres shaft in Bonneuil-en-France in December 2020, has completed the first section of the tunnel in line 17 of the Grand Paris Express project, while it is currently being dismantled at the Rolland work, but its adventure does not end there.

The quantity of the distance that the Florence tunnel boring machine has just excavated is 3.4 km, whereas the first section of the tunnel which links the Flandres shaft to the Rolland work at Le Bourget, is passing through the future station of line 17 Le Bourget Aéroport. For several days, the companions have been working on dismantling this exceptional machine, in particular lifting the cutting section.

In order to carry out a final digging in the direction of the Flandres shaft, where it all commenced, the parts of the tunnel boring machine are due to be transported to the construction site of the Triangle de Gonesse station and will be assembled again. The determined date for Act 2 is the end of 2022.

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