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The first part is Line 15 South. Installing 128,000 segments and 18,500 rings,10 TBMs were digging this line. While TBM Steffie-Orbival completed its section in 2019, 2020 was the turn of TBMs Mala and Amandine and in 2021 TBMs Ellen, Aby, Camille, Laurence, Aïcha, Dieneba, and Marina finished their phases. The last three TBMs Aicha, Dieneba, and Marina completed their journey in November and December 2021.

The excavation commencing station of TBM Aicha, which has 10 m diameter, 95 m length, and weight over 1,500 t, was Bry – Villiers – Champigny station in January 2020 and it reached Salengro (Champigny-sur-Marne) after tunneling the 3.1 km tunnel for Line 15 South. The indicated TBM has currently been disassembled and in January 2022 it is due to be removed from the construction site. The Joint Venture Eiffage – Razel-Bec was responsible for the construction of this part of the tunnel.

Naming by Vitry’s nurse Dieneba Diarra, TBM Dieneba was started up from Bel Air shaft at Vitry-sur-Seine- on February 2021and attained the Centre d’Exploitation Vitry (1,1 km) in December 2021.

TBM Marina, launched from Vitry-sur-Seine, completed its journey to Creteil l’Echat, after building 2.6 km of tunnel. For further information, watch the video below.

On April 2021 the TBM Valerie attained to the underwater Cachin (Saint-Denis) manufacture in line 14 North of this project. In order to link the City Hall of Saint-Ouen to Saint-Denis Pleyel, the phase of equipment systems is now beginning on this stretch.

In line 16, the digging process of the TBM Ines’s initial tunnel has been ended, while the TBM Sarah reached Finot (Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine). In early 2021 TBM Mireille was christened in Chelles and it’s currently boring the 5.3 km tunnel among Chelles and Sevran.

The launching station of TBM Florence in line 17 was Bonneuil-en-France, and currently it has completed the first 2 km while on 6 December 2021 reached the Le Bourget Airport station towards Rolland manufacture at Bourget. TBM Dorine completed her first 1.1km section once she arrived at the Bourget. The TBM has disassembled and is preparing to leave for a second underground section.

The ultimate breakthrough of this project was celebrated in line 18. Christening of two more of the TBMs Celine and Caroline and then commencing the excavation process of the final part of its 6 km tunnel towards Aéroport d’Orly station by TBM Caroline on 16/12/2021, was the intended successes.

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