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Experimenting Ultra Low Carbon Segments on Grand Paris Express Line 18

Ultra low carbon segments tested on line 18 of Grand Paris Express

Among presented innovations the Société du Grand Paris supports, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible during construction of the new metro, the first segments in ultra-low-carbon concrete will arrive on line 18, to Orly Airport station, in the spring of 2022.

Restricted by piles of voussoirs, the site of the Stradal factory in Aubergenville (78) is dominated by the high silo of the concrete plant, while a hundred of them come out for the lining of the tunnel on line 18 daily. Some of the stored segments have a lighter color than the others which is the only clue that identifies a major innovation, while these revolutionary segments are the first to have been designed in ultra-low carbon.

For more details about this innovation please visit their website.

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