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East West Rail Constructing for the Future at Winslow

Network Rail Project - East West Rail building for the future at Winslow

Platform construction is now underway for a new railway station in Winslow in Buckinghamshire as part of the East West Rail project.

Winslow is going to be at the heart of the new railway which when totally constructed will transform travel between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge.

Over 500 pre-cast concrete platform units are being lifted into position within the new railway cutting using a huge crane before work begins on the station constructing itself next spring.

This contains using a 250-tone crawler crane, with a 62-metre arm – known as a ‘lattice boom’ – which is taller than Nelson’s Column.

A smart phone app has been developed to enable the platform units to be called for delivery in the exact construction sequence which is required to manage the restricted space available on site.

Serving communities across the heart of the country, East West Rail has the purpose to provide better, cheaper, quicker and greener transport.

East West Rail Alliance project director, Mark Cuzner, stated:
“This is a huge step for people in Winslow who haven’t been connected to the railway network for decades.”
“With the platform units now being installed you get a real sense of what the station will look like when finished. East West Rail will bring people significant benefits and better access to housing and jobs, while providing reliable, quick, environmentally sustainable journeys and more affordable travel.”

The chief executive at East West Railway Company, Simon Blanchflower CBE, mentioned:
“This is a major milestone for the project, with a new station at Winslow set to benefit communities and businesses in and around the town with an alternative, sustainable way to travel across the region.”
“Whether it’s linking Winslow businesses with the best talent from along the route or providing families and friends with a way to connect without driving on the region’s busy roads, East West Rail will help local communities meet the challenges and changes in modern life and leave a lasting legacy for the region.”

The first phase of the new railway, known as Connection Stage One between Oxford and Milton Keynes, is generating 1000 direct employment opportunities and an extra 500 through our supply chain in addition to injecting £1.1bn into the local economy.

After the platform has been installed, work is going to start on the new station constructing in the Spring of 2022 with the new track to be laid in early 2023.

Fore more information, please visit Network Rail’s website.

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