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Cornish Underground Tin Mine – Advancing the Drilling and Dewatering Process

Cornish Underground Tin Mine Drilling and Dewatering Process

While the responsibility of metallurgical sample drilling and mine dewatering at the past producing South Crofty tin project was up to Cornish Metals, it aims to restart this process.

Presenting a project update on progress made at South Crofty in Cornwall, the Canadian mineral exploration company recently has commenced a metallurgical drilling program in August of this year.

In order to collecting samples for metallurgical test work, three diamond drill rigs, contracted from Irish Firm Priority Drilling, are currently working from the surface and underground in different sections of the historical mine complex. This will feed into the feasibility study for the project.

Following the successful completion of multiple drillholes, encouraging visible tin mineralization has been encountered in the western section of the mine.

Working on hydrogeology, geotechnical studies, ventilation, shaft refurbishment, and initial groundwork investigations for the process plant foundations, are also other duties of Cornish Metals.

Additionally, progressing of a parallel mine dewatering program is up to this company. The date of installation of two submersible pumps into one of the mine’s shafts will be the current month, whereas they are going to be installed to around 370m depth beneath the surface by the end of February 2023. The pumps and pipe handling infrastructure have already been tested.

Construction of the mine’s water treatment plant is also on track for planned commissioning in June 2023.

According to Cornish Metals CEO Richard Williams: “It is wonderful to see the level of activity underway at South Crofty, as we progress through the construction of the water treatment plant, and undertake a metallurgical sample drill program.”

“We are now in an exciting period for the company and our stakeholders. It is inspiring to see the pride and dedication that our team displays, knowing that they are contributing to the success of a project that means a lot to the local community and a restart of the Cornish tin industry,” added Williams.

With a mining license valid until 2071, the South Crofty project is fully permitted and Cornish Metals along with the United Downs copper/tin project, has completed the acquisition of this project in 2016. It managed to raise £40.5M in financing from investors for South Crofty in May of this year.

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