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“Construction Management” Commissioned for 3 Construction Lots in Austria

BBT Commissioned Construction Management
The “Construction Management” plus the contract management for the rest of construction lots in the Austrian project area have been commissioned.

BBT SE, the project company, has now granted the contract for other essential engineering services associated with the construction of the BBT (Brenner Base Tunnel). These are not construction works, but technical supervision and contract management services for the execution of the construction work. The award for Construction Management and contract management in North Tyrol was received by a constructors’ consortium including four engineering firms: Bernard Gruppe, Pini Swiss, Geoconsult, and IGT.

Specifically, “Construction Management” is going to monitor the tunnel construction work during mining plus internal lining. In addition, the Construction Management monitors whether the works are being done as scheduled, according to the current state of the art, and in compliance with the tender specifications. The Construction Management is not carrying out construction works directly but rather acts as a stakeholder for the contracting authority.

The awarded service comprises the Construction Management for the H41 “Sill Gorge-Pfons” construction lot, for which the execution contract for the construction work was also lately commissioned, plus for the H52 “Hochstegen” (ongoing tender for construction works) and H53 “Pfons-Brenner” construction lots (tender for construction works to be published shortly).

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