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Commencing TBM Assembly for Polish Tunnel

S19 Expressway TBM Assembly Site

In order to advance the excavation process of the 2.2km tunnel on Poland’s S19 Rzeszów Południe-Babica expressway, the last components of the TBM have been delivered.

Currently the construction site in Babica is the location of assembling the TBM Karpatki which is 4,000t in weight, 112 m in length, and has a diameter of 15.2m. As the largest machine ever used in Poland, the Crawler cranes with lifting capacities of 300-650t are due to be used to assemble this TBM.

The design and build contract with €500m value for the 10.3km section of the S19 highway in south-east Poland, that comprises of a 2.2km dual tunnel, between the Rzeszów Poludnie junction and Babica, previous year was awarded to Acciona and its Polish subsidiary Mostostal Warszawa. Also, these two bores will be linked by 12 emergency passages.

Due to its alignment through hilly terrain and complex geology, the project is considered to be one of Poland’s most technologically advanced infrastructure undertakings.

According to Jorge Calabuig Ferre, vice-president of Mostostal Warszawa: “The scale of construction, technology, know-how, and specialized TBM equipment is incomparable to most investments currently being designed and implemented in Poland.”

Including 32 alarm points, 28 rescue refuges as well as 28 hydrants along the length of it, the tunnel is slated to be equipped with transverse ventilation.

Additionally, the S19 expressway includes six overpasses and two viaducts.

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