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Starting Reassembly of TBM Dame Whina Cooper at Mt Eden

City Rail Link Tunnel Excavated by Dame Whina Cooper TBM

Completing tunneling process of the first City Rail Link tunnel in previous October prosperously, TBM Dame Whina Cooper is currently being reassembled at Mt Eden. Involving the cutterhead, front shield, middle shield and the tailskin, all parts of the TBM have been brought back to the Mt Eden tunnel portal. Moreover, welding works conducted by Link Alliance have commenced and assembly should take a fortnight.

The TBM gantries are still slowly moving back through the tunnel to Mt Eden Station, where they will be realigned with the new tunnel entrance and connected to the front shield for the second drive.

The scheduled date for excavating of the second and final TBM tunnel with 1.6km length towards the Aotea Station is May 2022.

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