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Campbell Arcade Temporary Closure During Town Hall Underpass Works

Campbell Arcade Underpass in Metro Tunnel Project

From 30 April 2022, Campbell Arcade and the Degraves Street Underpass will shut down for as long as 2 years to complete the construction of another new pedestrian underpass as a feature of the Metro Tunnel Project.

Significant development will start in May to finish ‘Flinders Link’, the walkway between the New Town Hall Station and Flinders Street Station.

The walkway will connect to Flinders Street Station through the current Campbell Arcade/Degraves Street metro, with a plan that protects the key heritage elements of the arcade and guarantees the majority of shopfronts stay outside the Myki gates.

The connection will permit travelers to rapidly interchange between Metro Tunnel and airport services, and City Loop and Flinders Street administrations, without having to touch off and back on.

To finish building this association, Campbell Arcade, and the Degraves Street underpass will be shut from 30 April for as long as 2 years. Travelers will actually want to get to Flinders Street Station at Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street.

When built Flinders Link will likewise make Flinders Street Station more available by introducing 6 new lifts from the Degraves Street subway to platforms 1-10. Right now the main lifts are at the Swanston Street end of the station, by means of the concourse.

Whenever finished, the Metro Tunnel will make capacity with regards to more than half an extra travelers each week to traverse Melbourne’s train organization and will have a future rail connection direct to Melbourne Airport.

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