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Brenner Base Tunnel – Commencing Works in the New H52 Hochstegen Lot

Brenner Base Tunnel Working Site

On February 2022 the H52 Hochstegen construction lot’s working process was started and over this part of the project, construction site set-up is operating in Wolf as well as preparatory works for the digging, while the scheduled time for commencing boring works on the exploratory tunnel and the St. Jodok cross-over point are is middle of March.

The H52 – Hochstegen construction lot is a part of the former H51 Pfons-Brenner lot. This was divided up and the Hochstegen lot, at 102 million Euro, is the smaller of the two stretches.

Due to the existence of the extremely complicated geology along this extension, implementing the works that are comprising of the excavation southwards of the exploratory tunnel through the Hochstegen limestone fault are quite challenging. Including mainly water-bearing, carbonatic rock layers, the intended stretch is around 500 m long. The amount of generated spoil during the works will be approximately 570,000 m³ which is due to be located in the nearby Padastertal disposal site.

The expected time period for these processes is 23 months. The works were awarded to Swietelsky Tunnelbau GmbH & Co KG.

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