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Breakthrough in West Gate Tunnel Project

West Gate Tunnel

Commencing the works on the elevated roadway above Footscray Road and widening works transforming the West Gate Freeway, the West Gate Tunnel Project achieved remarkable advances this year.

Main highlights

Widening process of the West Gate Freeway

Due to pursuing widen the Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes, major changes are done:

In order to providing safer driving experience for motorists, the Princes Freeway exit ramp to Geelong Road was reconstructed, widened and strengthened and ramp connections at the M80 Ring Road were given new asphalt to create a smoother.

Creating the southbound section of Grieve Parade Bridge stronger for another 100 years and an extra lane adding to the city-bound entry ramp, was done by destroying, rebuilding and widening it.

Kororoit Creek Bridge over the West Gate Freeway near Brooklyn now has four extra through lanes with the extra work to finish them off to take place in 2022

Currently the Millers Road bridge above the interchange has been broadened so new lanes canbe created on top.

Williamstown Road outbound exit ramp has a new additional left turn lane onto Melbourne Road.

Completing of 75% of new and improved noise walls

Consisting of east of Newport Rail, Grieve Parade outbound exit ramp and the Williamstown Road inbound and outbound exit ramps, over than 2,600 of the 3,500 natively produced concrete panels have now been installed along the freeway.

The intended noise wall’s height is between 4m and 9m and the heaviest segment weighing around 8.5 tons. The inhabitants who live near the freeway or use residential sportsgrounds, will significantly experience quieter conditions due to new state-of-the-art noise.

Preparing for tunneling

The completed parts of tunnels during the past year are tunnel exit and entrances which have been transformed as well as the walls inside and roof decks that have been installed on top for the tunnel entrance located on the freeway near Williamstown Road.

Multiple levels that support the inners workings of the outbound tunnel exit have also been installed, including a smoke duct, ventilation level and decking for the future road surface.

Additionally, the tunnel boring machines are due to begin their journeys at the northern end of the tunnel in Yarraville while preparation works continue for tunneling to start with the smoke deck levels also completed.

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