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Bauma 2022 – Revealing CRCHI’s Comprehensive Solution of Underground Engineering Equipment

CRCHI Booth in Bauma 2022

On 24 October 2022, Munich was host of the 33rd Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment (bauma 2022). Including whole industry chain of tunneling construction, its comprehensive solutions and equipment product portfolio is exhibited by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited (CRCHI).

Using AR, VR, L-shaped screen and other digital ways, CRCHI also presents new experiences of the comprehensive solution of underground engineering equipment. Full-face tunnel boring machine, drilling and blasting tunneling equipment, mining equipment and so on, are the exhibited products. Advanced technologies and products such as the super-large-diameter slurry TBM Jinghua, the complete set of intelligent equipment for the whole process of drilling and blasting construction, and the bolt miner were exhibited.

CRCHI Booth in Bauma

In order to presenting better exhibition experience for the audiences, CRCHI created a set of VR virtual experience system and customized AR glasses for its TBM products, which delivered live experience to the audiences so that they can have a zero-distance feeling of application scenarios of TBM right from factory assembly, testing, production management, quality inspection, to the after-sales service on site.

Also, as the full-face tunnel boring machine are the key item of this exhibition, they have comprised of 9 series of more than 170 types, covering the horizontal, inclined and vertical directions, with a diameter of 0.5-23 meters.

CRCHI Booth in Bauma

As China’s first super-large diameter slurry TBM of its class, the maximum digging diameter of super-large diameter slurry TBM Jinghua is 16.07 meters, whereas its tunneling record in Beijing East Sixth Ring Road in Reconstruction Project was 542 meters in a single month. Currently, completion of the first section of tunnel is well advancing considering 4,772 meters successful excavation of Jinghua. The Shenjiang No.1 TBM of China’s deepest undersea tunnel (with a maximum burial depth of 106 meters) has successfully challenged the ultra-high water pressure, and overcome the construction difficulties of the super-large diameter TBM, such as launching with shallow covering soil and advance through soft-hard double layer strata. In order to constructing the Mumbai coastal road tunnel, the largest diameter TBM (Φ12.19 meters) of India has been manufactured by CRCHI and has bored 456 meters in a single month, which set a new record for the construction of large-diameter tunnel in hard rock formation.

The drilling and blasting tunneling equipment of CRCHI includes a variety of products for the whole construction process, such as probing, excavation, spoil transportation, primary support, secondary lining, auxiliary works as well as inspection and maintenance, which are widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, municipal, subway and other construction fields.

CRCHI Booth in Bauma

Exporting its rail track system products to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, CRCHI’s covers dozens of international technology advanced products, while more than half of the turnout used on the China-Laos Railway main line were made by CRCHI. The new rail transit equipment has been successfully applied to Qingyuan Maglev tourism special line, Fenghuang Maglev Sightseeing Express line, Changsha Maglev East Extension Line and other projects.

In order to making tunnel construction smarter, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly, and continue to contribute to global infrastructure construction, CRCHI is committed to providing global customers with comprehensive and customized solutions.

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