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Balfour Beatty VINCI Hits Gold for Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice

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Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV), HS2’s construction partner, has received the Clear Assured Gold standard accreditation award for its responsibility to embed inclusive best practices into all elements of its work.

HS2 Ltd set the standard when it achieved Platinum status in February 2021. it is worth mentioning that it is the only company in the UK to do so. Now its construction partners, and businesses within the wider supply chain, are being supported to achieve the same high standards across their workplace environments and recruitment practices.

The Head of Legacy at HS2, Natalie Penrose, stated: “Almost 30,000 people are now working on HS2, and we’ve made a steadfast commitment to ensuring our workforce is representative of the diverse communities that Britain’s new railway will serve.”

She continued: “By striving to ensure that our working practices and construction sites are safe, inclusive, and responsive to individuals’ needs, we’re making great waves in attracting more women and people from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups into our workforce.”

The Clear Assured Framework is developed by a robust audit and evidence-based assessment process that evaluate all aspects of an organization’s performance to guarantee it embeds and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion (ED and I).

Balfour Beatty VINCI has made influential strides in its obligation to the EDI agenda, having first achieved Bronze status in January 2021, Silver in October 2021 and now Gold status in October 2022.

The HR Director at Balfour Beatty VINCI, Lucy Jones, noted in this regard: “Achieving Gold accreditation is great recognition of the foundations we have laid at Balfour Beatty VINCI since 2020. We hope it sends a clear message to those thinking about a career in the construction and infrastructure sectors that we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for everyone.”

“We have made significant strides in this space, but we also recognize that more can always be done. We will continue to make improvements across our joint venture, drive behavioral change, and support underrepresented groups including through engagement with our valued supply chain partners,” Mrs Lucy added.

Balfour Beatty VINCI achieved admiringly across many categories, comprising Finding Talent, Policy and Procedure, Assessing Talent and Retaining Talent. In addition, BBV was glorified for its transparent approach, delivering training programs and its work with third-party suppliers.

Anna Mäkinen, Head of Clear Assured, pointed out: “Achieving Clear Assured Gold accreditation is a marvelous milestone for Balfour Beatty VINCI and demonstrates ED&I is fully integrated into the business.”

She also added: “Their leadership, support for underrepresented groups and in-depth knowledge of EDI issues is clear to see. They’ve evidenced that they’re constantly learning, taking in feedback and making positive changes towards a more authentic inclusive culture.”

BBV evaluates that it will support approximately 7,000 jobs to deliver its schedule of work on HS2, and it places a strong emphasis on supporting local people, specifically those who are out of work, into new careers within the building sector.

Via its proficient training academies across the West Midlands, BBV invests in supporting people to acquire new skills which will allow them to play an essential role in HS2’s construction.

Please visit here for further details on careers and opportunities to upskill, ready for work on HS2.

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