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Appearance of Prufrock on Vegas Loop

Prufrock breakthrough on Vegas Loop

Following laying the groundwork for the Vegas Loop’s first station, the Boring Company’s (TBC) Prufrock-1 has surfaced at Resorts World.

According to Elon Musk’s TBC’s video on Twitter, on 5 February the Prufrock-1 emerged from the ground near Resorts World, while its recent breakthrough links the Las Vegas Convention Center to Resorts World via the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop and the Vegas Loop.

Housing up to 57,000 passengers per hour, the Vegas Loop is due to comprises up to 51 stations along The Strip, including the Allegiant Stadium. Moreover, the LVCC Loop has three stations placed in the Convention Center complex. During the tech event CES 2022, held in January, the LVCC Loop transported 15,000-17,000 each day. The network is being constructed without any public funding.

Immediately starting up the surface, mining underground, and re-emerging on completion, is due to Prufrock’s porpoise design. Once TBM reached the site can commence tunneling after 48 hours and no shafts are needed for launch or retrieval.

One of the advantages of Prufrock is that it has the ability to tunnel at a speed greater than one mile per week, which is six times faster than TBC’s previous generation TBM (Godot+). The medium-term goal is for Prufrock to exceed 1/10 of human walking speed or seven miles per day.

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