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A New Sewer Tunnel in North East Link

Building A new Sewer Tunnel in North East Link

Construction of a tunnel for removing major sewer ahead of completing the new road tunnels, caused a significant achievement in building North East Link.

Despite the continued daily life upper the ground, the complicated operation was done using 3 mini tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for excavating 1.8km of new sewer under Bulleen. Following over 170 days’ underground, the 3 mini-TBMs have finished the tunneling process to carry the sewer out of the way of North East Link.

Launching the new sewer and decommissioning the old sewer, which originally was constructed in the 1960s, will be done by crew in future months and will serve thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

The advantages of this vital action will be building the 6.5km North East Link tunnels, fixing the missing link in our freeway network, slashing travel times and taking trucks off local roads.

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