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As a subsidiary of AusProof Pty Ltd, KonNx UK is commissioned in the current year and is the original equipment manufacturer of electrical cable couplers and components.

Considering the presentation of greater accessibility for the KonNx range and an extension global footprint, KonNx announced the inauguration of its UK facility for the UK and European markets which are going to support and hold stock for our customers throughout the UK and Europe, offering supply chain stability.

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Due to the usage of a creative and innovative DNA, KonNx has been a world leader in couplers research, development, and design since its creation in 1974.

Due to the effort of this company’s development team constantly in order to discover new and innovative manufacturing solutions and processes, KonNx products are appropriate for use in underground and open-cut coal, metalliferous mines, pumps, and tunnel boring projects because of steadily advanced features for safety and efficiency. KonNx offers customers a wide product range, including high voltage bolted couplers and a low voltage restrained range.

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Considering a continuous review process and strong R&D, for the improvement of safety, reliability, and efficiency, KonNx products and coupler system remains the safest and most reliable coupler available. Features include:

  • Phases segregated by earth
  • Insulation that extinguishes arcs and faults
  • Elimination of partial discharge and corona
  • IP68 rating
  • Shape of coupler allows for ease of handling
  • Face profile and silicon rubber connectors expel all air when connected
  • Genderless designs
  • Engineered composites to insulate and compress tracking
  • Integrated live line indicators
  • Integrated fibre connectivity with Expanded Beam technology

Additionally, KonNx has been an innovator of many firsts, while continually exploring new concepts to evolve product development. Products designed by the AusProof and KonNx team include:

  • Designed and manufactured the 35kV coupler
  • Re-designed the 11kV flameproof couplers with a removable flange
  • Designed and manufactured the 22kV coupler with full phase to earth segregation
  • Developed the 60A restrained plug and receptacle to have a rating of 90A
  • Developed a lightweight aluminum restrained range for metalliferous mining, tunnels and pumps

Including low and high voltage products in both stainless steel and aluminum materials, the KonNx covers all ranges, while the low voltage range covers 660 volts to 3,300 volts, up to 425 amps. Additionally, the high voltage range covers 6.6kV to 35kV, up to 800 amps.

For further information, please contact their website and:
– Email:
– Phone: +44 7432 217 680

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