Geotechnical Specialists and ‘Educators’ Needed

Geotechnical Specialists and 'Educators' Needed for GE Magazine

Ground Engineering magazine is searching for geotechnical industry pioneers and informal teachers who are willing to share some of the lessons they have known throughout their occupations.

As Ground Engineering (GE) sets out to share more “lessons learned” through articles and workshops at its conferences, it is searching for geotechnical engineering experts who are great at transferring their science to other people – especially the next generation of engineers.

The GE September/August issue editor’s remark titled “Are lessons being learned in geotechnics?” was generally received, and some industry participants have proactively contacted GE’s article group.

We are currently searching additional interested members.

GE editor Nia Kajastie said: “The ‘lessons learned’ content would focus on completed projects that were especially difficult or exhibited the significance of, for instance, a good GI program, engagement, cooperation, a compound of practical know-how and technology and et. Or on the other hand the projects could be an example of the first use case of a certain methodology.

“Our users would likewise be keen on finding out about past large projects and what today’s main infrastructure plans could gain from them – or, on the other hand, what is currently being done better than past. I believe it’s important to emphasize both examples of success and learnings from ‘failures’.”

If you want to do or like to suggest a current or previous colleague as a geotechnical expert, kindly fill out the short form here.

The form will remain open until 31 October.

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