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Robbins XRE TBM Breakthrough in Turkey’s Esme-Salihli Railway Tunnel

Significant breakthroughs of large diameter XRE TBM has been reached in Turkey.

In order to get information about the ability of large diameter TBMs for digging in mixed ground efficiently as well as their future applications join this event and discuss the incredible results achieved at Turkey’s Esme-Salihli Railway Tunnel that has proven large diameter TBMs can excavate efficiently in the mixed ground.

The intended event, that is due to be held on March 3rd with Robbins Technical Director, Brad Grothen P.E., Kolin Construction TBM Engineer, Şevket Kılıç, and Prof. Dr. Nuh Bilgin of the Turkish Tunneling Society, will long 45-minute. The discussion subjects will include Esme-Salihli as well as future applications for Crossover TBMs. It is possible to attend a live Q&A session at the end to get a thorough answer from expert speakers.

The events details are:
Date: Thursday,
Time: London | New York
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