Presenting Low Carbon Concrete by ITA

Using Low Carbon Concrete in Tunnel lining Promoted by ITA

In order to concentrate on low-carbon concrete linings for shafts and tunnels, the International Tunneling Association (ITA) is launching an activity group.

As the second most widely used material on the planet after water, the concrete contributes around 8% of global carbon emissions, mainly through the manufacture of Portland cement.

According to the ITA, 60-70% of a tunneling project’s embodied carbon is contained in the concrete linings of the shafts and tunnels.

“It is paramount, therefore, that the tunneling industry does its utmost to significantly reduce or eliminate its use of cement in all applications – segmental linings, in-situ linings, sprayed concrete, and annulus grouts,” the ITA said in a release.

This company added: “There is a great challenge for the coming years to develop a solution for low-carbon lining and an opportunity for ITAtech to provide a guideline/recommendation for the market.”

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