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Vermeer to extend its offering of fully electric HDDs

Vermeer Corp, headquartered in Iowa, recently has acquired Normag electric-powered horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and fluid systems technology.

The acquisition ensures that Vermeer will now develop, produce and sell fully electric HDD appliances, generator sets and fluid control systems that are currently running under the Normag brand throughout Europe. Vermeer considers the purchase as a gateway to satisfying the rising need for worksite solutions driven by electrical power.

Normag’s electric HDD technology can act as a fuel-free system when linked to the grid. To reduce the equipment footprint, job site set-up time, complexity and cost, both devices have now been configured to meet normal international shipping container dimensions.

Jason Andringa, Vermeer President and CEO stated: “With this technology already proven in operations across Europe, our team can now fast-track an electric HDD offering that helps operators better control their cost of operations and worksite impacts through reduced fuel use, near-zero emissions, limited noise and an overall smaller rig footprint.”

Built in the Netherlands, Normag HDD technology has been developed to help enterprises comply with European transport and occupational legislation and achieve their goals of reducing their effect on the atmosphere and on the workplace.

As they are available and tested for the European market, Vermeer will first concentrate on bringing goods to the European customer base in order to fund large-scale underground infrastructure projects. As the goods become popular in Europe, the company will aim to launch them over the next 24-36 months in other countries, including North America and Australia.

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