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Update in Santa Lucia Tunnel

Santa Lucia Tunnel Project

In order to realize the aim of completion and inauguration on the 4 December (Santa Barbara’s day), works are undergoing in the new Santa Lucia tunnel in the A1 motorway, Barberino – Calenzano section.

It took 4 months to disassemble the huge TBM with 16 m diameter and using a crane that is particularly manufactured for this purpose they were transported to a reinforced concrete shell equipped. The carrying process of the machine’s parts was finished at the end of October. The segments, including 15 of more than 90 tons’ weight, were conveyed to the snow station of Badia in the A1, where they are going to be kept temporarily while awaiting final storage.

The main bearing, weighing about 320 tons, required a special transport vehicle with 30-axles with front and rear engines. In this hard travel to the interim storage area, the initial destination of convoys was the Santa Lucia tunnel with 7.7km length and then the Baccheraia and Bellosguardo viaducts.

More details about this project is accessible here.

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