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Strabag finalized for Scarborough Subway Extension

Strabag has received a $757.1M contract from Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario to design, construct and finance the tunnel for the Scarborough Subway Extension. In April, the initial works at the launch shaft site began and major building is scheduled to start in June.

The Scarborough Subway Extension Advance Tunnel scope of work comprises:

  • Design and construction of launch and extraction shafts, tunnels, plus headwalls for emergency exit buildings and stations.
  • Tunnelling works for the 7.8km subway extension, from Kennedy Station to Sheppard Avenue/McCowan Road.
  • Activities necessary to construct the tunnel (e.g., supports for shaft and headwalls, utility relocations, lighting, ventilation, temporary power supply, and drainage).
  • Providing the TBM and installing segmental precast concrete tunnel liners.

The Strabag team contains:

  • Design Team: Arup Canada Inc., Brian Isherwood & Associates Ltd.
  • Financial Advisor and Construction Team: Strabag Inc
  • Applicant Lead: Strabag AG

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation, Vijay Thanigasalam, Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney, and Associate Minister of Transportation (GTA), Kinga Surma announced the following statement regarding the Scarborough Subway Extension:

“Since day one, our government has been clear that building better, faster transit is a key priority and core piece of our mandate. Under Premier Ford, Ontario’s historic multibillion-dollar subway plan for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is, by far, the largest and most ambitious transit undertaking in Canadian history.

Earlier this month, the federal government endorsed Premier Ford’s vision for transit in the GTA and committed their 40 per cent share to Ontario’s nationally significant subway projects. They agree that our plan is the right plan.

For far too long, Scarborough commuters have unfairly dealt with outdated transit that couldn’t keep up with the growing and thriving communities in Toronto’s east end. The Scarborough Subway Extension will create thousands of jobs during construction and unlock better access to employment spaces, schools and other key destinations throughout the city.”

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