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Significant success on DTSS Phase 2 for Penta-Ocean Koh Brothers JV

In December 2020, the 1.3 km first tunnel drive of the DTSS Phase 2 in Singapore (Contract T-08) was completed by TBM Buroh (4.6 m diameter). The western part of Singapore will be serviced by the extant tunnel system; which will be expanded as part of DTSS Phase 2. The deep tunnel is going to transmit consumed water by gravity to Tuas WRP for purification.

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency granted to the Penta-Ocean Koh Brothers JV – composed of Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd and Koh Brothers Building & Civil Engineering Contractor Ltd – Contract T-08. The Design and Construction of a 6 m diameter tunnel for household used water, which breaks under the sea with the longest drive attempt at about 2 km, are the provisions of this contract.

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