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Ruzizi III EPC, Congo, North Kivu & South Kivu (co/11)

The Ruzizi III Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant

Calling enthusiasts to participate in a tender that has been announced for the Ruzizi III EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) Turnkey Contract -Initial Selection. The Ruzizi III Regional Hydroelectric Power Plant will be located on the Ruzizi River, at the border between (DRC- Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Rwanda. It will be part of the Ruzizi Cascade, already equipped by Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II projects, and will be located approximately 13 km downstream of the Ruzizi II dam. The contract includes the construction of a 3.8 km long, 6.7 m diameter, concrete-lined headrace tunnel from the dam reservoir to the powerhouse.

The determined time period for this contract is 56 months and the awarded contract budget is EUR 436 million, excluding VAT.

The related tender documents are attached here.

For further information, please contact:

Ruzizi III Energy Ltd, attn Luciano Canale, Kigali
– Tel: +25 0786674578
Ruzizi III Energy Ltd, attn Lonceny Magassouba, Kigali
– Tel: +224 622676247
– Email: luciano.canale@ruzizienergy.com

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