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The 2.884 Kms distance among Shivajinagar to Shadhi Mahal shaft section (RT-03 Package), is in process by M/s Larson & Toubro Ltd using the two TBMs Urja and Vindhya. The second tunnel between Cantonment and Shivajinagar metro station with 855m length was completed by the TBM Vindhya on the 13 October 2021 three weeks after Urja.

M/s Afcons Infrastructure LTD is implementing on the 3.655 Kms, between South Ramp to Rashtriya Military School (RT-01 Package).

The updates by September 2021 include:

  • Almost 92.69% of tunnel length for the North Bound tube has been done by TBM Varada while it is breaking through the Up Line’s North Bound from Rashtriya Military School -Launching Shaft to Langford Town Station and its advancement is expected in the coming few days.
  • The driving path of TBM Rudra is Up line’s North bound from the South ramp near Karmika Bhavana to Dairy Circle and the estimation is its progress near Dairy Circle soon, before pursuing northwards to Mico Industries (Lakkasandra) and Langford Town. It has advanced 471.80 m with 76.91% of its tunnel length completed for the North Bound tunnel with 337 rings installed.
  • By advancing 261.80 m, 42,7% of tunnel length completion for the South Bound and installing 187 rings, TBM Vamika is boring the Down Line’s South Bound line from South Ramp to Dairy Circle.

Also the working process of Rashtriya Military School to Shivajinagar section (RT-02 Package), which is 2.762 Kms, is up to M/s Larson & Toubro Ltd:

  • In November 2021, TBM Avni, which is digging from Shivajinagar, is envisaged to make a breakthrough at the MG Road station before continuing towards Rashtriya Military School, while completion of 67.60% of tunnel length for the South Bound tunnel and has installed 546 rings. and 726.20 m progress was achieved during September 2021.
  • TBM Lavi which is excavating from Shivajinagar to Rashtriya Military School is expected to need three more weeks before it breakthroughs at the MG Road station. Its advancement in September 2021 was 416.80 m with a 38.80% of its tunnel length completed and 339 rings installed.

And finally the completion responsible of the South of Tannery Road Station to North Ramp (RT-04 Package) with 4.591 Kms length is M/s ITD Cementation India Ltd:

  • The tunneling process of TBM Bhadra was commenced on 17 June 2021 from the launching Shaft at Venkateshpura Station and its excavation path is the South Bound from Venkateshpura Station to Retrieval Shaft has tunneled 16.80 m.
  • Boring the North Bound tunnel from Venkateshpura Station to its Retrieval Shaft, is up to TBM Tunga, which has progressed 92.40 m with 7% of its tunnel length completion and 66 rings installation.

Please click here for tunnelingworld archive and also visit this website for further information.

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