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Milestone reached at King Edward Memorial Park

The last concrete base slab on the Tideway project has been poured and set in the deepest shaft, placed at King Edward Memorial Park in Wapping.

Last month, the Tideway team finished boring of the full 64m depth, and last week poured 780m3 of concrete in to the deepest shaft at the East London site.

Now, after completing this milestone, Tideway’s attention is going to turn to the shaft’s secondary lining and the walls for the interception chamber.

Selina is the final TBM which is building the main tunnel, boring from Chambers Wharf to Abbey Mills Pumping Station – crossing Wapping route.

This machine is the last one excavating for the project, starting its journey from January 2021.

The TBM is going to shape the last 5.5km long stretch of the 25km super sewer that is under construction to intercept sewage overflows before polluting the River Thames.

Generally, six tunnel boring machines have been used to construct London’s super sewer; already four of them have complete tunnelling.

The team at King Edward Memorial Park is going to link into the super sewer through the connection tunnel, set to be bored next year.

Tideway’s work here will intercept the North East Storm Relief Sewer, which discharges hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sewage into the Thames every year.

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